Texas Tech Double T

Account Code Training for Expenditures

Learn how to find the appropriate accounts codes to use for expenditure transactions.


TechBuy Shopper Training

If you are looking for TechBuy Training this is the class for you. This class if offered for those who have no approval authority, simply the role of Shopper in TechBuy. You will be introduced to the TechBuy system and be able to practice within a test environment. Settlement (receiving) in TechBuy is also introduced during this class.


Travel Training for Travel Preparer

Do you need to learn how to use the Travel System? This class is offered in conjunction with the Travel Department. You will learn the policies regarding travel and then have opportunity to have hands-on training within the Travel System. The class takes you through how to submit a travel application and how to then submit a voucher. In addition, you learn the policies that affect your business decisions for travel as well as the reports to use in verifying that funds for travel are available.

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